Think about the features you would expect to find at a GCV event… then imagine them all in a virtual setting.

The principle of providing top-level content and the ability to make connections is the same even if the view is different, with everything delivered digitally rather than in-person.

There is no doubt it is a change to the event experience you are accustomed to, yet primarily, the GCV Digital Forum contains those all-important elements you would expect at a ‘physical’ conference.

And remember that it’s a much shorter journey to make your way there!

Delegates will be accessing an end-to-end web platform for events, created by vFairs. It is established technology built to engage audiences from anywhere in the world in one virtual venue, delivering content and enabling exhibitors to interact and delegates to network through live interaction tools. The platform will be specifically customised for this Global Corporate Venturing Digital Forum and is the ideal tool for the industry to connect in a different way during these unprecedented times.

The whole platform is intuitive to use, so delegates will find it very easy to find their way around and start interacting with both the content and all the other attendees. Everything works without any downloads or plug-ins and will display on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop).

There will be a ‘main stage’ where there will be live content including streaming of keynote presentations, webinars featuring panel discussions and pitch sessions which will educate and engage all delegates.

There will be a live exhibitor zone, featuring virtual booths for each participating sponsor. These will be set up with videos, documents, links where all their products and services are displayed. Delegates can then enquire at these booths using the many other interactive features such as video, audio and text-based chat.

In addition to the GCV Connect platform, to allow corporations to find CVC peers for their portfolio companies using the AI algorithm and arrange meetings for the Digital Forum, there is an Open Innovations challenge section to allow corporations to set out their needs.

There will also be a specific networking area, so delegates can have those all-important conversations with other attendees. But an added bonus here is that those conversations can continue outside of ‘live-event hours’.

The platform’s chat features, available within the booths or in the networking areas, include video, audio and text-based chat, all available at the click of a button. The enables delegates to maximise engagement opportunities with all other attendees throughout the event.

The platform is accessible outside the content programming hours on 3 and 4 June so people can be logged in and connecting with other attendees around the world. But, more than that, access to the full event platform will be available for 30 days after the Digital Forum, so the conversations and engagement with content can continue.

There is even the ability to have those popular networking drinks at the end of the event. Pop to your fridge, pour a drink of your choice, ensure your conversations are taking place via the video option and then share a toast with your peers all over the world!

There will be plenty of networking opportunities throughout and great insight to be gained from attending. Make sure you benefit and join the gathering on 3 and 4 June.

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