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Sector Analysis

Analysis: Qorvo on the crest of Decawave
Indoor positioning technology producer Devawave was acquired by Qorvo reportedly for $400m, giving an exit to LG and ST Electronics
Analysis: LexisNexis buys Emailage
Wipro Ventures was given an exit from email security software developer Emailage, which was acquired by LexisNexis Risk Solutions. The sizeable exit is part of the wider cybersecurity space, which has received much attention by corporates over the past decade.
Analysis: Visa swipes $5.3bn for Plaid
Visa is to acquire one of its portfolio companies, financial data network operator Plaid, in multi-billion-dollar transaction, which comes only four months after its latest commitment to the company along with its peer Mastercard.
Transport sector hits the brake pedal
Sector analysis: Transport
Analysis: CapitalG’s $100m call to Armis
Insight Partners agreed to acquire IoT security software provider Armis in a rollover transaction that featured a $100m commitment from Alphabet. The deal forms part of the IoT space to which corporates have not been indifferent over the past decade.
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Global Corporate Venturing's top stories in 2019
Analysis: Wefox widens series B to $235m
Wefox Group, a Germany-based digital insurance provider, extended its series B round, closing $235m
Oil and gas drills into non-core
A focus shift has been taking place among oil and gas corporate venturers, which is borne out in our most recent research.

Other News

The future of mining
It is an irony that as the world moves to cleaner sources of energy it is increasingly reliant on one of the most challenging industries for the commodities.
Cracking the quantum puzzle
Academic research towards quantum computing and other quantum technologies is beginning to pay dividends, but continued progress will rely on strong cooperation between academic, industry and government partners.
Financial services continue to grow
Sector report: Fintech
Analysis: HomeLight brings home $109m
Citi and Alphabet-backed real estate portal HomeLight raised $63m in a series C round and an additional $46m in debt financing. The deal is part of the burgeoning real estate tech space, which has seen much corporate attention in recent years.
Analysis: SoftBank Vision further capitalises Greensill
SoftBank invested $655m in supply chain finance provider Greensill. The deal is part of the burgeoning alternative lending space within fintech.
Analysis: Databricks cements a $400m round
The big data platform Databricks raised $400m reportedly at $6.2bn valuation, with the backing of Microsoft. The company forms part of the broader big data tech space, in which corporates have been heavily investing over recent years.

Editor's Picks

The most read stories of 2019
Global Corporate Venturing's top stories in 2019
Automotive, mobility, travel at GCVI Summit
Sector in-depth discussion with portfolio companies.
Analysis: Insights into the transport revolution
This is a version of a presentation first shown at the Corporate Venture in Brasil conference, hosted by Apex-Brasil in partnership with Global Corporate Venturing earlier this month.
Subsector analysis: Rise of Lidar in 3D mapping for autonomous…
Kaloyan Andonov of GCV Analytics, and James Mawson, Global Corporate Venturing's founder and editor-in-chief, review the latest deals for a core subsector within cars.
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