Sector Analysis

Analysis: Lufax raises $1.33bn
China-based wealth management and lending platform has raised a large round backed by six corporate venturer and a sovereign investment fund.
Analysis: Autodesk lays out $875m PlanGrid acquisition
Collaboration platform for the construction industry PlanGrid was acquired by software developer Autodesk for $875m.
Analysis: Large deals in East Asian e-commerce
Two large and important deals above the $1bn mark in the e-commerce and e-retail space in East Asia appeared in the news last week. Both deals involved telecoms group SoftBank as a corporate backer.
Finance finds the way forward
GCV Analytics defines the financial services sector as encompassing payment technologies and cryptocurrencies, personal finance and wealth management, insurance, alternative lending, crowdfunding, client and risk analytics, firms and funds, social investing and others.
The future of energy: Different horses for different courses
Kaloyan Andonov of GCV spoke to Geert van de Wouw, vice-president at Shell Ventures, the venturing subsidiary of Anglo-Dutch oil and gas major Shell about the future of energy and how the rebranded venturing arm under his command tackles it.
Telecoms growth continues
GCV Analytics defines the telecoms sector as encompassing telecoms service providers, wireless connectivity technologies and other related businesses.
Analysis: Uptick in e-commerce last week
Last week, Global Corporate Venturing reported several interesting and sizeable transactions in the e-commerce space from around the globe.
Activity in IT cools down for another year
Sector focus: IT

Other News

Health innovations push the sector forward
GCV Analytics defines the health sector as encompassing pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostic devices, healthcare IT and administration, care provision and on-demand services as well as other health businesses.
Continuing metamorphosis of the media sector
Sector focus: Media
The e-transformation of the consumer sector
Sector focus: Consumer
Industrials forge forward
Sector focus: Industrial
Services go down in 2017
Sector focus: Services
Automotive, mobility, travel at GCVI Summit
Sector in-depth discussion with portfolio companies.

Editor's Picks

Automotive, mobility, travel at GCVI Summit
Sector in-depth discussion with portfolio companies.
Analysis: Insights into the transport revolution
This is a version of a presentation first shown at the Corporate Venture in Brasil conference, hosted by Apex-Brasil in partnership with Global Corporate Venturing earlier this month.
Subsector analysis: Rise of Lidar in 3D mapping for autonomous…
Kaloyan Andonov of GCV Analytics, and James Mawson, Global Corporate Venturing's founder and editor-in-chief, review the latest deals for a core subsector within cars.
Feature: natural resources and clean-tech
The battle to keep it clean means corporate venturing groups from a diverse range of businesses are converging on clean-tech - and finding a receptive audience for their investments.
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