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Sector Analysis

Analysis: Corporates reach Terminus at $283m
Several corporate venturers have backed IoT company Terminus Technologies in a $283m series C1 round. This nine-figure round comes to confirm an upward trend in valuations of such enterprises we have been observing for years.
Analysis: Vungle’s $750m acquisition
Blackstone will purchase the advertising platform VIngle in a deal giving exits to corporates Alphabet and Verizon.
Analysis: Biontech gets a $325m series B round
Cancer treatment company Biontech raised $325m round backed by Fidelity. The company forms part of the hopeful oncology and cancer treatment subsector of life sciences which has seen much growth and in corporate backing in recent years.
IT sector continues to nurture innovation
Sector Analysis: Information Technology
Analysis: Carbon prints out another funding round
3D printing developer Carbon raised a new round reaching $260m and featuring corporate backers from different sectors.
Analysis: Corporates take a multi-billion ride with Grab
Grab has so far raised $4.8bn series H round, after Invesco chipped in $300m in addition to the funding provided by corporate investors like SoftBank Vision Fund, Microsoft, Toyota, Ping An and others since June last year.
Analysis: Zhenkunhang procures $160m in series D funding
Industrial e-commerce platform Zhenkunhang raised a $160m corporate-backed series D round, which forms part of the emerging e-commerce space
Health sector continues to grow
Sector analysis: Healthcare

Other News

Analysis: SoftBank gets a $300m Gympass
The telecoms firm SoftBank has backed a substantial $300m round of gym membership provider Gympass, which is part of the beauty and fitness space, which has seen stable corporate-backed deal flow with rising valuations in recent years.
Analysis: SoftBank gives Creditas $200m
SoftBank backed online lender Creditas, a company from the alternative lending space, which does not seem to have experienced exponential growth in valuations.
Analysis: PhonePe gets paid $1bn
India-based payment tech company PhonePe is looking to raised $1bn at $7bn-$8bn valuation from various investors, including Tencent.
Media sector grows
Sector analysis: Media
Analysis: Uber floats in $8.1bn IPO
Ride hailing services company Uber, backed by many corporate investors, held its long-awaited $8.1bn IPO, which was the world's largest since 2014, though many consider it a disappointment
Analysis: SoftBank passes $419m to PayPay
Mobile payment platform PayPay raised $419m in funding from SoftBank. This is a deal from a space that has seen much growth in terms of the corporate-backed deal flow in recent years.

Editor's Picks

Automotive, mobility, travel at GCVI Summit
Sector in-depth discussion with portfolio companies.
Analysis: Insights into the transport revolution
This is a version of a presentation first shown at the Corporate Venture in Brasil conference, hosted by Apex-Brasil in partnership with Global Corporate Venturing earlier this month.
Subsector analysis: Rise of Lidar in 3D mapping for autonomous…
Kaloyan Andonov of GCV Analytics, and James Mawson, Global Corporate Venturing's founder and editor-in-chief, review the latest deals for a core subsector within cars.
Feature: natural resources and clean-tech
The battle to keep it clean means corporate venturing groups from a diverse range of businesses are converging on clean-tech - and finding a receptive audience for their investments.
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