Powerlist Q&A – Heriberto Diarte, Schneider Electric Ventures
Q&A with Heri Diarte, head, SE Ventures
Powerlist Q&A – Suzanna Chiu, Amadeus Ventures
Q&A with Suzanna Chiu, head, Amadeus Ventures
Zilberman splits from Comcast
Dave Zilberman has taken up a general partner position at Norwest Venture Partners after nearly 15 years as a managing director at Comcast Ventures and its predecessor.
Powerlist Q&A – Joshua Berg, Magna Innovation Ventures
Q&A with Josh Berg, director, Magna Innovation Ventures
SoftBank sees CVCs away from board
Vision Fund CEO Rajeev Misra and Marcelo Claure, head of SoftBank's Latin American fund, are both set to depart from its board of directors.
Feinman to join Tampa General Hospital
Tampa General Hospital will begin a diversified corporate venturing programme when Rachel Feinman joins it in early 2021.
Kuzmenkov sets up Perspective Ventures
Norilsk Nickel, the world's largest miner of palladium and high-grade nickel, has joined several peers in corporate venturing.
Kirby sets up DeepTech Labs after AV8
Miles Kirby, former managing director at Qualcomm Ventures and Allianz's AV8 fund, has launched a UK-based accelerator and fund.

Other News

Lyu rolls to SoftBank Ventures Asia role
Former Korbit CEO Tony Lyu has joined the SoftBank unit as a venture partner and will contribute his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience to its portfolio.
Guerpillon pulls into Dole Ventures
The fresh fruit provider has selected Barbara Guerpillon to head corporate venturing unit Dole Ventures after five years leading Unilever's Foundry Asia business.
Powerlist Q&A – John Banta, Blue Venture Fund
Q&A with John Banta, president and managing director, Blue Venture Fund
SoftBank Vision Fund team loses members
Ruwan Weerasekera, Penny Bodle, Avi Golan, Ted Fike and Justin Wilson have all left SoftBank Investment Advisers following earlier departees Maria Khan and Carolina Brochado.
Carlstrom promoted at ABB
ABB's restructuring drive has created a new role for Malin Carlstrom as head of ventures, ABB Electrification
Wypler joins QBE Ventures
QBE's venture capital arm has hired Daniel Wypler after more than two years at ANZi Ventures where he made 17 investments on behalf of the unit.

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