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Analysis: IPOs of corporate-backed businesses possibly cooling down
The number of flotations of companies that have previously received corporate backing has been growing over the past years but by the end of 2019 they may register a slight slowdown.
Analysis: Annual survey insights from last year
As we are about to close our current annual survey, we take a peek at some of the insights provided by last year’s survey.
Initial Recommendations for Improving DEI within CVC Deal Flow Pipelines…
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report October 2019
Oil and gas drills into non-core
A focus shift has been taking place among oil and gas corporate venturers, which is borne out in our most recent research.
The corporate capital correlation in 2019
Third-year update on CVC programs’ potential impact on public stock price performance
Financial services continue to grow
Sector report: Fintech
More deals with less capital
Quarterly data report: Q3 2019
Deceleration in September
Monthly analysis: September 2019
The energy sector is still growing
Sector analysis: Energy
Analysis: Median size of rounds continues to grow in 2019
Our analysis shows that venturing rounds at most stages have grown their median dollar size. Later-stage rounds have experienced a much more pronounced growth.

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