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Interview: Paul Bernard, Amazon Alexa Fund
GCV’s Robin Brinkworth spoke to the Amazon Alexa Fund’s lead, Paul Bernard, about supporting Alexa, hardware versus software, and how Alexa is aiming for ubiquity.
Interview: Michael Mahan, Stanley Ventures
The new boss at Stanley Black & Decker’s corporate venturing unit, Michael Mahan, spoke to GCV’s Robin Brinkworth about running Stanley Ventures, its portfolio, and looking forward.
Interview: Ingo Ramesohl, Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Ingo Ramesohl, co-managing director of Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) spoke to GCV’s Robin Brinkworth about investing in artificial intelligence and RBVC’s model for success.
Interview: Akihiko Okamoto, Recruit Strategic Partners
Okamoto, head of Recruit Strategic Partners, spoke to GCV’s Robin Brinkworth about helping startups enter the Japanese market and leveraging data to aid their growth
BMW sets store by financial opportunity
Ulrich Quay, managing partner of BMW i Ventures, spoke to Robin Brinkworth about his investment ethos, the technologies BMW invests in, and how the fund operates
JetBlue flies high with the help of startup insights
Raj Singh, managing director at JetBlue Technology Ventures, spoke to Robin Brinkworth about JetBlue’s strategic model, its partnerships, and how they ensure alignment with JetBlue’s business units
Fund in the News: National Grid Partners
NGP's Lisa Lambert has spoken to Global Corporate Venturing about the unit's investment parameters, the need for disruptive investments in the energy sector and the priorities when hiring for a new corporate venturing fund.
Interview: J&J’s 45 years of corporate venturing
To mark JJDC’s 45th anniversary, GCV spoke to Asish Xavier and Renee Ryan, both vice-presidents for venture investments, who focus on biotech and medical devices respectively, and Stacy Feld, vice-president of consumer venture investments and external innovation.
Interview: Arvind Purushotham of Citi Ventures
Reporter Robin Brinkworth spoke to Arvind Purushotham of Citi Ventures about fintech, Citi’s investment methodology, and its unique value-add
Bringing the best and brightest into the industry
Special report: Mentoring the next generation of leaders

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