Rising Stars Q&A – Andrew Casey, Vanguard
Q&A with Andrew Casey, corporate development deal lead, Vanguard Strategic Business Development
Growing seeds of innovation through strategic corporate venturing
Comment by James Mawson, editor-in-chief, Global Corporate Venturing, Stefan Gabriel, CEO, Hitachi Ventures, Kenichi Funaki, deputy general manager for the corporate venturing office, Hitachi
Jeff Herbst, managing partner, GFT Ventures
Last month, Jeff Herbst departed from US-headquartered semiconductor technology provider Nvidia, where he had led its business development activities and corporate venture capital (CVC) unit Nvidia GPU Ventures for two decades starting in 2001.
Powerlist Q&A – Jacqueline LeSage, Munich Re Ventures
Q&A with Jacqueline LeSage, founder and managing director, Munich Re Ventures
Rising Stars Q&A – Chris Park, UL Ventures
Q&A with Christopher Park, investment director, UL Ventures
Powerlist Q&A – Girish Nadkarni, TotalEnergies Ventures
Q&A with Girish Nadkarni, president, TotalEnergies Ventures
Rising Stars Q&A – Will Geiger & Brett Kadesh, Touchdown…
Q&A with Will Geiger & Brett Kadesh, principals, Touchdown Ventures
Powerlist Q&A – Bill Taranto, Merck GHI Fund
Q&A with William Taranto, president, Merck Global Health Innovation (GHI) Fund, and vice-president, Merck Global Health Innovation Group

Other News

Rising Stars Q&A – Jay Crone & Jon Wolkin, Telus…
Q&A with Jay Crone and Jon Wolkin, directors, Telus Ventures
Powerlist Q&A – Alokik Advani, FISV
Q&A with Alokik Advani, managing partner, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (FISV)
Rising Stars Q&A – Phoebe Wang, Shell Ventures
Q&A with Phoebe Wang, principal, Shell Ventures
Powerlist Q&A – Derek Idemoto, Cisco Investments
Q&A with Derek Idemoto, senior vice-president of corporate development and investments, Cisco
Rising Stars Q&A – Florian Chilla, Randstad Innovation Fund
Q&A with Florian Chilla, investment manager, Randstad Innovation Fund; principal and co-founder, Taptrove Ventures
Powerlist Q&A – Martin Tschopp, Prosus Ventures
Q&A with Martin Tschopp, CEO, Prosus Ventures (formerly Naspers Ventures)

Editor's Picks

CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Shinichiro Hori, YJ Capital
Despite uncertainty, Yahoo Japan’s corporate venturing vehicle will continue its efforts in innovation and technology in the Japanese ecosystem through collaborations with startups.
CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Blake Luse, Ferguson Ventures
Ferguson's investment arm is in weekly contact with portfolio companies and expects digitisation to be more widely adopted in the construction industry as work practices change.
CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Nicolas Sauvage, TDK Ventures
TDK's corporate venturing unit is lining up more deals to go with its investment in Genetesis this week, having been formed early last year with one eye on an economic downturn.
CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Jason Miles, VFS Innovation…
Although newly formed, Volvo Financial Services' strategic investment arm is optimstic about the potential of mature technologies meeting more inviting valuations.
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