Innovative Regions

Brazil grows in the global venture community
Innovative region: Brazil
Corporates in Finland remain cool on venturing
University and government venturing successes fail to attract significant corporate interest
Emerging African opportunities struggle for funding
Innovative region: Africa
Analysis: Large corporate-backed rounds by region
Large rounds tend to be raised by companies based in the US and China, more so than other parts of the world. China-based businesses also tend to raise much larger rounds.

Other News

Canada flies high
Innovative region: Canada
Insights into the transport revolution
In all the companies we invest in, we try to build a cooperative mutually beneficial relationship
Brazil corporate venture: a quick graph summary
A summary of the Brazilian realm of corporate venture capital
Brazil breezing through macro headwinds
Over the past few weeks and months, the country has seen positive headlines for large deals, venture fundraising and corporate innovation initiatives
Belgium takes a multi-faceted approach to innovation
Innovative region: Belgium

Editor's Picks

Corporate Venture in Brasil: Day One
Brazil's innovation capital ecosystem is developing at a rapid pace.
Brazil sees Algar and Porto Seguro launch funds
A survey found a 16 percentage point rise in the number of Brazilian corporations investing in startups.
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