Innovative Regions

Taub takes IQT partner position
Steve Taub, formerly a managing director at corporate venturing unit GE Ventures, has joined In-Q-Tel as a partner.
How China modernised its economy at speed
Innovative region: China
Brazil grows in the global venture community
Innovative region: Brazil
Corporates in Finland remain cool on venturing
University and government venturing successes fail to attract significant corporate interest
Emerging African opportunities struggle for funding
Innovative region: Africa
Analysis: Large corporate-backed rounds by region
Large rounds tend to be raised by companies based in the US and China, more so than other parts of the world. China-based businesses also tend to raise much larger rounds.

Other News

Canada flies high
Innovative region: Canada
Insights into the transport revolution
In all the companies we invest in, we try to build a cooperative mutually beneficial relationship
Brazil corporate venture: a quick graph summary
A summary of the Brazilian realm of corporate venture capital

Editor's Picks

Corporate Venture in Brasil: Day One
Brazil's innovation capital ecosystem is developing at a rapid pace.
Brazil sees Algar and Porto Seguro launch funds
A survey found a 16 percentage point rise in the number of Brazilian corporations investing in startups.
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