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The venture client model
Comment from Jens Hofmeister, Olivier Herve, Kevin Loeffelbein, Manuel Wiener and Phillip Schneider, Capgemini Invent
Why startup M&A is a key part of a state-owned…
Comment from Sandhy Widyasthana, chief operating officer, MDI Ventures
Do corporate VCs boost IPOs?
Comment from Brian Laegeler, principal, Touchdown Ventures
Future of supply chain – sourcing and procurement software
Comment from Jacob Fellman, vice-president, Chad Bailey, vice-president, NGP Capital
The last mile logistics revolution
Comment from Héctor Shibata, director of investments and portfolio, ACV, adjunct professor for entrepreneurial finance, Monterrey Tech, and Ana Maury Aguilar Investment analyst, ACV
The big trends of 2021 in corporate venturing
In October and November, Global Corporate Venturing asked ‘What will be the biggest investment opportunities in 2021?’ The response was so overwhelming, we have given about half the answers below.
Why startups should be seen but not heard
Comment from Paddy Willis, chief executive and co-founder, Mission Ventures
Navigating uncertainty and investing for the future
Comment from Shankar Chandran, managing director and head of Samsung Catalyst Fund
Mobilising all forms of capital for sustainable development
Comment from Gillian Marcelle, managing member, Resilience Capital Ventures
Structuring a CVC: create a traditional VC fund structure
Comment from Patrick Flesner, director, LeadX Capital Partners, and Stephan Bank

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