The rise of the corporate accelerator
Comment from Serge Salager, founder and CEO at RetargetLinks
Interview: Arvind Purushotham of Citi Ventures
Reporter Robin Brinkworth spoke to Arvind Purushotham of Citi Ventures about fintech, Citi’s investment methodology, and its unique value-add
Too many cooks may spoil the innovation broth
Comment from Robyn Klingler-Vidra, lecturer in political economy, King’s College London, and Juergen Braunstein, postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University
The best technology is migrating from the US
Comment from Mark Minevich, senior fellow, US Council on Competitiveness
Where’s my new risk model?
Comment from Ian Cox, head of Synchrony Ventures
You may beat an algorithm today – what about tomorrow?
Comment from Sloane Ortel, curator and commentator, CFA Institute, and Ashby Monk, executive and research director, Stanford Global Projects Centre
Next-gen CVC – our team crosses borders, breaks boundaries
Comment from Jonas Svedlund, general counsel and head of business development, GE Ventures
BP Ventures in China – land of opportunity
Tom Whitehouse, contributing editor, spoke to Jin Hu, BP Ventures’ Shanghai-based China lead, about how she is re-adapting to her country of birth after 16 years in the UK. Hu also set out the strategic rationale behind BP’s $10m backing of Nio Capital and pledged to demonstrate value to venture investors in China.

Other News

MTN’s innovation shift from large to small
Comment from Herman Singh, group chief digital officer, MTN
Outsized returns: betting against the crowd
We recently set out to test our view on the next big tech trends against the view of external experts. To determine the latter, we performed a count of technology references from blue-chip tech prediction pieces.
How the best corporate venturers keep getting better
Interview: Michael Lohnert, Boeing HorizonX Ventures
Michael Lohnert, investment director at Boeing HorizonX Ventures, touted the potential of low earth orbit (Leo) satellite technologies but also expressed concern that some founders in the space have underestimated the difficulty of delivering solutions to market
Interview: Marc Rennard, Orange Digital Ventures
Robin Brinkworth spoke with Marc Rennard, the new CEO and chairman of Orange Digital Ventures (ODV), about their commitment to innovation and coordinating ODV with other parts of the Orange Group
How science can bring about a eureka moment for Indian…
University corner: India

Editor's Picks

GCV Symposium Day One: The morning session
A speech by UK minister Graham Stuart was followed by discussions on topics such as new markets, external CVC collaboration and risk versus return.
Fund in the News: Reinventure
Armed with A$100m of capital from its sole limited partner, financial services firm Westpac, Australia-based Reinventure is pioneering its own model of fintech corporate venturing.
Fund in the News: Santander InnoVentures
Santander's financial technology investment unit has backed startups including Kabbage, Ripple and Cyanogen, and doubled its size to $200m in July.
Go cyber or go gold - lessons from Panama
"Trust and discretion will soon return as the most sought-after commodities."
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