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The Virtual State Of Corporate Venture Today
Comment from Bill Taranto, founder and president, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
The Future of Corporate Venture Capital
Comment from Gen Tsuchikawa, chief investment manager, Sony Innovation Fund
Independent VC versus corporate VC
Comment from Héctor Shibata, director of investments and portfolio, AC Ventures
Covid-19: the retail time machine
Comment from Héctor Shibata, director of investments and portfolio, and Ana Maury Aguilar, investment specialist, AC Ventures
The challenger university landscape
Comment from Mario Barosevcic, principal, Emerge Education
The dark side of venture capitalist funding
Comment from Theodore Khoury, Cameron Professor of Strategy, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship, Portland State University
A new productivity strategy for Europe
Comment from Max Neufeind and Christoph Priesmeier, advisers at the German Federal Ministry of Finance (writing in a personal capacity)
In a recession, CVCs can be even more valuable to…
Comment from Scott Lenet, co-founder and president, Touchdown Ventures

Other News

VC-backed innovation and recessions
Comment from Sabrina Howell, Josh Lerner, Ramana Nanda, Richard Townsend
Redesigning VC: a hypothesis
Comment from Dominic Hofstetter, director of capital and investment, Climate-KIC
Are financial services the heroes of the crisis?
Comment from Rita Costa Waite, head of payments business development and innovation, Millennium bcp
VC has a lot to learn from fintech
Comment from Alex Lazarow, venture capitalist, Cathay Innovation
Transatlantic CVC investment in fintech
Comment from Jonathan Cardenas, transatlantic technology law forum fellow, Stanford Law School
Shifting gears in times of crisis
Comment from Andrea Course, venture principal, Shell

Editor's Picks

CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Shinichiro Hori, YJ Capital
Despite uncertainty, Yahoo Japan’s corporate venturing vehicle will continue its efforts in innovation and technology in the Japanese ecosystem through collaborations with startups.
CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Blake Luse, Ferguson Ventures
Ferguson's investment arm is in weekly contact with portfolio companies and expects digitisation to be more widely adopted in the construction industry as work practices change.
CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Nicolas Sauvage, TDK Ventures
TDK's corporate venturing unit is lining up more deals to go with its investment in Genetesis this week, having been formed early last year with one eye on an economic downturn.
CVC in the Time of Coronavirus: Jason Miles, VFS Innovation…
Although newly formed, Volvo Financial Services' strategic investment arm is optimstic about the potential of mature technologies meeting more inviting valuations.
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