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Keith Larson retires from Intel
Newly retired Intel Capital managing director Keith Larson discussed how the unit helped to change the corporate venturing landscape and the benefits of syndicating with other investors.
GCV Symposium 2019: Day Two
The second day of 2019's GCV Symposium featured discussions on implementing AI into deal sourcing, hybrid CVC initiatives and a fireside chat with Tencent's Jeffrey Li.
GCV Symposium 2019: Showing impact in fintech in half the…
The GCV Symposium finished up with a discussion with Dominic Maffei of SC Ventures and Erica Young from Anthemis Group concerning the impact of fintech on big banks.
GCV Symposium 2019: Deal sourcing - Tools to change corporate…
InReach's Roberto Bonanzinga talked about how AI technology can help corporate venturing units locate companies from obscure countries and scale their investment pipeline.
GCV Symposium 2019: Commercialising startups from idea to scale-up in…
GUV editor Thierry Heles spoke to professionals from three fusion energy technology companies to gauge the challenges involved in scaling a breakthrough technology.
GCV Symposium 2019: Future Planet Awards
Digital course textbook catalogue Bibliotech took the crown in the 2019 edition of the Global University Venturing-allied Future Planet Awards.
GCV Symposium 2019: VR fireside chat and pitches
Dave Haynes from HTC's Vive X accelerator talked about its activities in the virtual and augmented reality space, before nine companies in the sector pitched their products to attendees.
GCV Symposium 2019: Global Data Insights and Benchmarks
Data presented by Martin Haemmig and GCV Analytics provided insight into the substantial growth in corporate venturing along with some of the major trends.

Other News

GCV Symposium 2019: Blurring public and private markets
Tencent Investment's Jeffrey Li, number one on the GCV Powerlist this year, spoke to Michael Redding of Accenture Investments about how he approaches investing.
GCV Symposium 2019: Future of work and impact of human-machine…
Paul Jacquin of Randstad Innovation Fund, Bo Ilsoe of NGP Capital and Leo Clancy from IDA Ireland exchanged views on how AI technology will affect the HR sector.
GCV Symposium 2019: Multi-corporate VCs and CVCs raising outside money
Gerald Schumann chaired a discussion with speakers including Swisscom Ventures' Dominique Mégret and AP Ventures' Andrew Hinkly on managing strategies and interests in funds with multiple corporate LPs.
GCV Symposium 2019: Hybrid CVC initiatives and strategic LPs in…
Shiva Dustdar and Peter Cowley joined Mark Wilson to talk about whether adoption of the hybrid fund model is increasing in the corporate venturing space, particularity in the healthcare sector.
GCV Symposium 2019: Deploying a fund of funds or limited…
Jacqueline LeSage Krause, Bernhard Mohr and Jeanne Bolger spoke about the possible benefits of corporate investors joining venture funds as a limited partner.
GCV Symposium 2019: The seven lies of corporate venturing
Julie Kainz of Salesforce Ventures and Marc Rennard from Orange Digital Ventures discussed topics such as alignment with a corporate parent and the importance of streamlined processes.

Editor's Picks

Impact investing – time to capture market potential
Sometimes one bottom line is not enough. Many investors are no longer satisfied simply by turning a profit. More and more also want their investments to generate a positive impact in the world.
Corporate Venturing: A Survival Guide
A lean, practical guide to developing high-performance Corporate Venturing (CV) programs.  A compilation of ‘straight-talk’ rules around what matters most, why & when, with profiles of leading CV programs that demonstrate real impact and staying power.
GCV Symposium Day One: The morning session
A speech by UK minister Graham Stuart was followed by discussions on topics such as new markets, external CVC collaboration and risk versus return.
Fund in the News: Reinventure
Armed with A$100m of capital from its sole limited partner, financial services firm Westpac, Australia-based Reinventure is pioneering its own model of fintech corporate venturing.
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