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Healthcare’s bright future
It has been a busy few years for healthcare and covid has accelerated interest in the windfall landing on the sector.
Building blocks for a sustainable future
Yesterday’s fascinating webinar by Patrick Sheehan from ETF with Uli Grabenwarter and Christian Motzfeldt on Europe's green deal plans indicated how far knocked off course the European Union’s budget has been by covid.
Shifting the clock forward from year zero
The shift from molecules to electrons driving transformation in the energy industry has to cover a number of hurdles to meaningfully move the world to net zero and even reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
Headhunters’ dream team
The first rule of management is avoiding demotivating people.
Jack Ma’s speech uncovers expected sacrifice
The what-if school of history has a new moment to consider. What if Jack Ma, founder of china-based online retailer Alibaba and its financial services spin-off Ant Group, had decided against speaking at the Bund Finance Summit in Shanghai?
Adding value in the most effective ways
Entrepreneurs have traditionally looked for five things from their investors: capital, customers, product development, hiring and, eventually, an exit. Getting customer feedback as quickly as possible has been well-understood thanks to professor Steve Blank and author Eric Ries’s work at the start of the past decade and built into the National Science Foundation’s i-corps platform. But making it a reality is still challenging.
SoftBank bounces back
“The door is always open for a second and third [Vision] fund, but we’re not very popular,” according to Masayoshi Son, founder of Japan-listed internet conglomerate SoftBank in the Financial Times.
Funding corporate and university hardware startups
It is always worthwhile listening to really smart people – one of the perks of the job on Global Corporate Venturing, Global Impact Venturing (GIV) and Global University Venturing (GUV) is that basically means everyone in our network – as they engage in making the world a better place.

Other News

Lawyers provide certainties
There are few seeming certainties in life – death, taxes and lawsuits over a US election being some.
Business model shifts in electric vehicles
It is expensive building cars, especially electric ones with few signs they can be profitable outside of selling carbon offset credits to polluters.
Analysis: Eightfold recruits $125m
Eightfold raised $125bn in a series D round, backed by Capital One, which valued the company at $1bn. Eightfold is one of the few unicorns in the HR tech space, which is likely to experience a slowdown during the economic downturn.
Finding the best investors
Discussion at the GCV Digital Forum 2.0 last month about Including Both Halves of Society heard Lara Koole, partner at Netherlands-based conglomerate Philips’ corporate venturing unit, describe how it could start using its limited partner commitments to look at the underlying diversity of the venture funds’ general partners.
Rising tides raise the CVC boat
The Economist this week has a nice interview with Satya Nadella, CEO of US-listed software provider Microsoft, and the company’s upwards valuation under his leadership.

Editor's Picks

Opening to a world of capital
Three months ago as the impact of the coronavirus’ spread around the world was becoming clearer with an economic lockdown there were few potential points of light.
Technology will provide what we want
Does technology change society, or does society disrupt technology?
Working together to improve the ecosystem
There is an old rule of thumb that service providers in a market improve its efficiency by about five-fold.
Targeting the next generation
The greater strategic battle could come in areas where less attention is being paid.
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