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Daily Leader

Art into venture sciences
Exploring Bessemer’s memo page on some of their deals and how they came to invest.
GCV Powerlist 100
Congratulations to all the venturing community for coming together to celebrate the GCV Powerlist 100 and see you all at the Digital Forum on the 29th and associated events, including next week’s GCV Connect powered by Proseeder pitch sessions (22-23rd) and the Mach49-hosted workshops on the 28th.
Banking on an upturn
Next month sees the long-awaited changes to bank regulations, which could see an upsurge in their venture capital (VC) fundraising, according to data provider Pitchbook which has tracked the changes.
Green shoots for manufacturing
There still remains such a chasm of scale between venture approaches to important strategic technology areas between countries.
Tipping point reached in fighting back the turbulent ‘20s
Recent fund launches by Sony and ITV show how corporates are increasingly seeing early-stage investments as part of their overall impact.
Fundraising takes off
One of the strongest signals through the first half of the year that the Covid-19-inspired economic downturn would lead to an acceleration of corporate focus on innovation was the record number (360+) of new corporations making their first investments.
Tackling global challenges
There are few easy answers to global challenges, such as the eight to 11 million tonnes of plastic waste ending up in the oceans each year.
Corporate venturing into public markets
Last month customer resource management platform Salesforce crystallised the profits from its corporate venturing unit buying stock in online video conferencing provider Zoom at its flotation.

Other News

Looking back helps you see the way ahead
Energy and information technologies have always been two of the three primary drivers of human evolution – the third being human health quality and longevity, hence the importance of covid-19, anti-biotics and pain relief. 
Opening up to state-owned disruption
One of the first lessons in venture capital is that investing in a technology is often less valuable than in a disruptive business model.
Nothing soft about a large exit
Software and data really do seem to be eating the world.
Incubating the next giants at supersonic speed
The planned flotation of financial services group Ant Group expected later this year for at least a $200bn valuation will be a significant milestone.
Aramco latest in energy sector leadership changes
Majid Mufti has left as CEO of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the corporate venturing unit of the world’s largest oil and gas company, to be replaced by Mahdi Aladel.
Hut Group finds public shelter
UK-based consumer goods technology provider Hut Group (THG) is preparing for a flotation at a reported £4.5bn ($5.85bn) equity valuation.

Editor's Picks

Opening to a world of capital
Three months ago as the impact of the coronavirus’ spread around the world was becoming clearer with an economic lockdown there were few potential points of light.
Technology will provide what we want
Does technology change society, or does society disrupt technology?
Working together to improve the ecosystem
There is an old rule of thumb that service providers in a market improve its efficiency by about five-fold.
Targeting the next generation
The greater strategic battle could come in areas where less attention is being paid.
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