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Daily Leader

The greatest explosion of managers
It is hard to find points of light at a time when American unemployment claims hit a record 6.6m last week, on top of 3.3m the week before, due to the economic disruption caused by coronavirus.
Tough fundraising times?
Let’s see…
Corporate venturing’s ethical framework comes under test
There are plenty of reasons to sell or give up stakes in startups currently – usually cashflow related, hopefully profitably after an acquisition or flotation and sometimes chucked in the bin after bankruptcy. Rarely for ethical reasons.
Facebook zooms in on Plessey and the UK
American firms have a long history of running into competition concerns when trying to buy UK-based chipmaker Plessey.
GSK hardens its cancer strategy through Lyell
It is the sort of line to awaken the curiosity in an annual report: “Cash payments to acquire equity investments amounted to £258m [$314m] (2018 – £309m), primarily relating to Lyell Immunopharma.”
Venture’s leaders step up
The meeting of about 34 senior corporate venturing executives in the Covid-19 Venture Crisis Forum on Wednesday identified the global concern the disease from the Coronavirus is causing.
Finding a natural future
While the current attention is on the Coronavirus, deals are still happening.
Industry always needs Moore Love
Corporate venturing has always been a more collaborative part of financial services than most other areas and so it has been heartening to have so many of the industry leaders step up to share insights on how the current Covid-19 crisis might be eased or create new opportunities.

Other News

Industry preparations for Covid-19
Kim Armor at Comcast Ventures showed why she was ranked so highly (#1) in the GCV Emerging Leader awards at the end of January after including Alphabet’s GV and Salesforce Ventures in an initial discussion last week on the Coronavirus and how it might impact their units and the broader industry. 
DuPont Ventures’ closure a signal for a new option
GE Ventures was the canary in the coal mine last year.
Finding innovative partnerships to tackle Covid-19
Desperate times can make for unusual measures.
Industry steps towards its antifragile model at last
Harvard Business Review’s (HBR) review of Black Swans author Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s follow-up book, Antifragile, nearly a decade ago summed up a useful way of responding and bringing flexibility back into decision-making: “Crises and major disruptions are not an abrupt departure from what anti-fragile organizations do continuously — solve problems. Rather than being controlled through rigid command structures, employees at all levels are trained every day to be quick problem-solvers.”
LatAm’s blind spot comes into view
Global Corporate Venturing has had the honour of partnering with Telefonica’s corporate venturing unit, Wayra, and Spain-based IESE Business School professors Josemaria Siota and Julia Prats to shed light on the Latin American blind spot of collaborations between corporates and startups.
Impossible Foods husbands $500m F round
Impossible Foods, the US-based plant-based meat producer backed by internet and technology conglomerate Alphabet, has raised $500m – substantially more than the $300m to $400m it had been targeting – in part as the environmental impact of industrial-scale animal husbandry with its heavy use of antibiotics becomes clearer.

Editor's Picks

The future of venture is here
There has been a ton of announcements about governments, corporations, individuals and, basically, just about everyone, tackling climate change and the other issues identified by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Fund creativity offers risks and rewards
There is something about an established business model that is sometimes comforting even if innovation and change is often where more of the excitement lies.
Venture industry pays tribute and plans way ahead at GCVI…
There were some glowing tributes paid at the Global Corporate Venturing and Innovation Summit’s first day to Harvard professor Clayton Christensen who died late last week for his seminal work on disruptive innovation laid out in his book, The Innovator’s Dilemma.
Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders shine on awards night
The top 100 Global Corporate Venturing Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders celebrated their awards at a gala ceremony at the Monterey Aquarium in California last night.
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