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Daily Leader

Keeping your options open
The power of science fiction films retains its hold when it comes to inspiring inventors, but the secret to corporate venturing and open innovation lies in retaining optionality.
‘Huawei banned so let’s invade Taiwan’
It’s a scary-enough headline, Huawei Banned, So Let's Invade Taiwan to Take TSMC?, in reaction to the US government’s 15 May set of strict rules trying to cut the China-based 5G and phone maker off from the global semiconductor ecosystem.
Babylon joins CVC ranks with first US deal
The US healthcare system has many virtues, but it is simply too expensive and hard for consumers to access care, according to insiders.
UBS joins wave of fintech CVCs
Switzerland-based bank UBS Group is setting aside hundreds of millions of dollars of its own money to invest in financial technology companies, according to newswire Bloomberg.
Heading towards carbon neutrality through hydrogen
Where do greenhouse gas emissions come from?
Buy, build, partner, invest Walmart-style
US retailer Walmart – where 160 million Americans shop each week – has closed its online brand.
Coronavirus and beyond: healthcare challenges
Infectious diseases and pathogens have caught people’s attention again but will funding be a blip or reshape the healthcare industry? And the healthcare opportunities go further into telemedicine and other mental and physical treatments affected by the crisis after all.
Spending correctly to save our future
The only solution is for money to prop up innovation and productivity.

Other News

SoftBank’s car crash results is still painful to watch
Softbank's $13bn annual loss was the biggest in its history.
Handling down rounds is "complicated, risky and adversarial"
It has been nearly a decade since down rounds in venture capital – effectively one where the value of the startup has declined even though more money has gone into the business – were common.
Intel strives for new heights
Intel Capital is the poster child for a resilient corporate venturing team. 
US watches as China advances
Having founded the multi-lateral and monetary system at Bretton Woods in 1944, the US added effective control of the payments system from the 1970s through credit and cash machines around the world allied to bank transfers and the deepest capital and advisory markets. Americans are keen for this to remain.
Powering the future
For those fascinated by charts of coronavirus expansion at various infection rates over the past few months, here is a more positive one.
Understanding down-market venture deal structures
It has been quite some time since the venture market has seen regular usage of down-rounds, cram-downs, pay-to-plays and similar down-market financing structures, but it is likely that the road ahead will be paved from time to time with these more complicated deal structures as compared to the straight forward structures and terms of the long up-market of the last decade.

Editor's Picks

Venture needs to tread carefully in the geopolitical world
Twenty years ago Malcom Gladwell wrote a perceptive essay for the New Yorker magazine on why some people choke and others panic, and how these different responses tended to manifest.
Learning lessons on state bailouts
My heart goes out to the business owners and founders who have seen the rug pulled out from under them with this lock-down. Caveat emptor, however, is a useful reminder for governments thinking of bailing out ropey venture-backed portfolio companies especially when banks are chomping at the bit to lend to some of these companies instead.
Tough fundraising times?
Let’s see…
Venture’s leaders step up
The meeting of about 34 senior corporate venturing executives in the Covid-19 Venture Crisis Forum on Wednesday identified the global concern the disease from the Coronavirus is causing.
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