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Joby's $6.6bn reverse acquisition
Bonny Simi, pilot and founder of US airline JetBlue’s corporate venturing unit, read the runes correctly in December when she left to join portfolio company Joby Aviation as head of air operations and people.
New breed of solutions for global challenges
Our most pressing global challenges require a new breed of solutions bringing ideas and strengths together from people with divergent backgrounds.
Could India as the sleeping giant of corporate venturing finally…
Economic Times of India’s (ET) scoop that conglomerate Reliance Industries’ Jio Platforms is finalising a potential $200m commitment to domestic venture capital fund Kalaari Capital could be the signal for a wider local commitment and corporate venturing efforts.
The strategic importance of being on the right side of…
Bill Gates' book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, is a great call to arms for the power of corporate venturing to make strategic change happen for the parent.
Join us on Clubhouse
You can join our Clubhouse room today at 9am Pacific time (5pm UK, 6pm Europe) for the inside of how we select the news and record our Global Venturing Review podcast.
Subsector: industrial chemicals
“Before we have reached singularity developing materials faster does not provide much of an upside, as with the current regulation systems introducing them still takes a decade,” according to George Gogolev, head of Severstal Ventures, the corporate venturing unit of Russia-based industrials conglomerate Severstal.
How do you get startups to go from zero to…
When you see hundreds if not thousands of ideas and startups, as Jeff Schumacher, founder of New Asset Exchange (NAX), has then you realise a good team and product-market fit takes you only so far.
Subsector: nanotechnology
Actor and producer Robert Downey Jr, best known of late for his role as Tony “Iron Man” Stark, in June 2019 at Amazon’s Re:MARS conference, said that “between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years.”

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Welcome to the year of the ox
Wishing our readers around the world a wonderful prosperous lunar new year.
Forming a Spac – isn’t everyone?
It was catching up with a former corporate venturing leader this month as she described a healthy portfolio of activities covering public and private board roles and “forming a Spac – isn’t everyone?”
Innovation is speeding up
Ideas are copied quickly and general purpose technologies or insights in one field can be applied in others.
Why did a record number of corporations stop investing last…
Innovation is speeding up. Capital is abundant. Invention is the root of success in driving equity that can then be geared appropriately.
Subsector: robotics
When Jeff Bezos, founder of online retailer Amazon, announced his transition last week to executive chairman he clearly identified his future focus areas: “I will stay engaged in important Amazon initiatives but also have the time and energy I need to focus on the Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, The Washington Post, and my other passions.”
Veracyte acquires Decipher for $600m
It would have made for interesting few months for Tina Nova, a director at Nasdaq-listed genomic diagnostics company Veracyte.

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Editorial: Samsung's brilliance
Young Sohn's move creates platform for further growth
Overview: Venture’s ‘cauldron of change’
This past week has seen us publish a draft speech to be delivered at our next GCVDigitalForum.com on January 21 to 27.
Finding an edge
This is the fourth part of the speech we are preparing for the publication of the World of Corporate Venturing annual review and our next GCVDigitalForum.com on January 21 to 27. The first part of the week covered the synopsis, the abundant innovation capital and how markets are blurring. Today’s leader will show the added value now required. Our next podcast episode will pick up the feedback – your insights will be much appreciated. Email jmawson@mawsonia.com by Friday 2pm UK time.
Markets blurring
This is the third part of the speech we are preparing for the publication of the World of Corporate Venturing annual review and our next GCVDigitalForum.com on January 21 to 27. Yesterday and Monday we published the synopsis and the abundant innovation capital. Today’s leader will show how markets are blurring and Thursday’s will show the added value now required. Email jmawson@mawsonia.com by Friday 2pm UK time with your feedback for it to be featured on our podcast.
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