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2017 Roundup: Tencent
Tencent added huge private equity deals to investments in the likes of Meituan-Dianping, Go-Jek and Flipkart before a run of huge IPOs late in the year.
2017 Roundup: Alphabet
The Google owner committed big money to Lyft and Airbnb as GV increased its late-stage deals, formed an AI fund called Gradient and exited from Snap and Cloudera in IPOs.
2017 Roundup: SoftBank
The telecommunications group raised almost $98bn for its Vision Fund and dominated the tech VC space in 2017.
Corporate Venturing in 2017: The Trends
The upper end continued to grow and corporates launched a raft of AI funds, as bike sharing, real estate, smart vehicles and urban farming drew capital.
The talking points of 2017
What were the most important trends in 2017?
Analysis: Tencent's $14bn IPO exit streak
Five companies backed by internet company Tencent raised large amounts in their initial public offerings (IPOs) over the past few months. It appears to be a bout of IPO exits that may not ended yet.
Slowdown in IT
Sector focus: IT
Health sector slows down
Sector focus: Health

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