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GCVI Summit 2021
29th September 2021
GCV Symposium 2021
3rd November 2021
GCV Asia 2022
26th April 2022

Global Energy Council

The Global Energy Council (GEC) provides thought leadership and direction for the Global Energy Group (GEG). The GEC comprises the following corporate venturers, each a GCV Leadership Society member: National Grid Partners, Amazon Corporate Venture Capital BD, BP Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, GM Ventures, Hitachi Ventures, Schneider Electric Ventures, Shell Ventures, TDK Ventures, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures.

The GEC has identified around 20 technology areas of mutual interest and high global impact. These include:

  • Next-gen Mobility
  • Energy Storage
  • Digitalisation
  • Hydrogen
  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Carbon Capture
  • Circular Economy
  • Grid Optimization

The GEC is working collaboratively on projects within these areas that will help drive innovation and change, create value for the parent organisations, and showcase the work of the GEC.

The GEC is chaired by Lisa Lambert, chief technology and innovation officer at utility National Grid and founder and president of its National Grid Partners corporate venturing unit. Paul Morris, founder and former head of the CVC operation of Dow Chemical in Europe and Israel, and head of the GCV Academy, is President of the GEC. Morris facilitates and develops networks between energy-focussed corporate venturing units.

Watch more from the GEC’s roundtable on carbon capture and hydrogen here.

Global Energy Group

The Global Energy Group (GEG) provides a forum for engagement, networking and discussion, along with a quarterly report, for corporations looking to drive innovation in energy. This includes – but is not limited to – utilities, industrials and oil and gas majors. At the core are the dominant trends in the countdown to the 45% fall in global carbon emissions required to achieve net-zero by 2050, as outlined by the United Nations.

The GEG includes corporate venturing units in:

  • Energy: O&G, electricity, solar, wind, hydrogen, batteries, biofuels
  • Generation and distribution: Electric and gas utilities, gas and electricity distribution companies,
  • Suppliers: hardware, software, services, logistics, industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing: automotive, industrial, aerospace

Global Energy Council quarterly reports


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