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GCV Connect


GCV Digital Forum 2020
29th September 2020
GCV Symposium 2020
7th December 2020
GCVI Summit 2021
27th January 2021

GCV Connect is a software platform to help corporate venturers to share deal flow and collaborate with each other in a secure, private environment.

Users can use the Search CVC Deals tab to explore which of their corporate peers have been investing in a particular vertical/horizontal and send collaboration requests through the platform, or explore the Search Deal flow tab for recent funding data on startups that have recently won competitions or have been selected by GCV and our collaborators.

There are two tiers of membership:

Members of the GCV Leadership Society: Members can help their portfolio companies by reaching out via the platform to other like-minded CVCs i.e. those who have done deals in related areas or have expressed interest in doing so.

You may be looking for a strategic investor in the next venture round, or for help to scale your portfolio company in adjacent sectors with corporates that perhaps you don’t already know and who might even be interested in buying the company down the line. Members have full access and will be able to both send and receive emails directly to other corporates.

Members of the GCV Leadership Society ecosystem already make up about 80% of the total assets of the corporate venturing industry across all regions and sectors and stages of investment attention.

Non-members: CVC non-members may be listed on the platform and will be able to complete a profile to outline their interests. They will be able to receive messages from members (and reply to them) but will not be able to search the platform or send messages to members. CVCs may join as members at any time to gain full access.

GCV Connect, therefore, is a unique communications app for the industry to discuss collaboration and dealflow opportunities with each other and an exclusive service for members of our GCV Leadership Society to incorporate the networking benefits they have in real life through our events, including landmark conferences in North and South America, Europe and Asia, to a digital platform and incorporate the best of our content and GCV Analytics data insights-as-a-service and training through our GCV Academy.

The Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) Leadership Society’s mission is to help bridge the different strengths and ambitions of investors across industry sectors, geography, structure, and their returns (i.e. strategic vs. financial).

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For more information please contact James or for assistance with your account please contact Hannah

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