Watch the first set of interviews from speakers at the fourth annual Global Corporate Venturing symposium.

The first videos are now available to view on Symposium TV.

Arvind Sodhani, president of corporate venture capital unit Intel Capital, gave his views to Symposium TV on the importance of corporate venture investment planning and the risks that come with the territory, urging caution and the importance of an alignment between overall business and investment objectives. 

Gary Fingerhut, executive director at Cleveland Clinic Innovations, the commercialisation arm of Cleveland Clinic, spoke to Symposium TV about his role at Cleveland. Fingerhut described how he is dedicated to delivering a incubator approach to new technologies and intervention.

For Cleveland, new technology is becoming just as important as capital, and integrating this into health care is about finding key partners who can deliver in this space. 

Rahul Sood, general manager and partner of Microsoft Ventures, the corporate venturing unit of US-based software company Microsoft, described the fundamental principles behind Microsoft ventures; discovering entrepreneurs, developing their businesses and helping them scale.

Sood also discussed the pressures of being an entrepreneur, both inside and outside a large company, and in corporate venturing.