The rest of the 100 (in alphabetical order): Jack Miner, Cleveland Clinic Ventures

Jack Miner leads Cleveland Clinic Ventures, a team of venture experts charged with funding the full lifecycle – from product-development company to exit – at the US-based healthcare services provider.

As managing director, Miner reports to the chief investment officer. He said: “Not only do we have access to the world’s thought leaders in healthcare through our own health system, we gain insights from our world-class portfolio of venture and private equity fund managers.

“The team was conceptualised in 2016 by our chief investment officer and launched in 2018 when hiring the team of venture partners was completed. We have a multifaceted approach to corporate venture capital, investing in each of three sectors – medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics, and health information technology. Along with the three sectors, we also invest along the full continuum of growth stage, from product development to company sale.”

Miner brings plenty of experience to the role, having been part of seven venture-funded software companies. Since joining Cleveland Clinic, he said the biggest success had been recruiting such a talented and experienced team of healthcare investors, cumulatively representing more than 35 years of investment and M&A success.

“The biggest challenge remains defining how a healthcare system can invest in not only their own technology, but also other companies that are strategic to the health system. The numerous competing interests require creating processes that provide transparency and predictability.”