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GCVI Summit 2021
29th September 2021
GCV Symposium 2021
3rd November 2021
GCV Asia 2021
9th November 2021

Powering Corporate Venturing


By CVCs for CVCs: The first and only specialized institute dedicated to corporate venturing industry advancement, staying power and innovation ecosystem impact.

Upcoming Course Dates

Essentials for Enterprise

  • European / US time zone: 20-21 July 2021 (live online delivery)
  • Asia time zone:  14-15 September 2021 (live online delivery)
  • European / US time zone: 12-13 October 2021 (live online delivery)

CVC Essentials 

  • European / US time zone: 8-9 June 2021 (live online delivery)
  • US time zone: 25-26 September 2021 (face-to-face delivery in Monterey, CA)
  • European time zone: 1-2 November 2021 (face-to-face delivery in London)
  • Asia time zone: 8-9 November 2021 (face-to-face delivery in Tokyo and live online)

Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing

  • European / US time zone:  Kick-off 11 May 2021 with Immerse days 17, 19, 20 May 2021
  • Asia time zone:  Kick-off first week September 2021 with Immerse days 6, 8, 9 September 2021
  • European / US time zone:  Kick-off last week September 2021 with Immerse days 10, 19, 20 October 2021
  • January 2022 dates TBD

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Providing actionable professional development and certification, rigorous research and community building

In today’s world of disruptive markets, where innovation and transformation are board-level priorities, the need for high-performance, scalable corporate venture programs is more important than ever. The Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) Institute was created to unleash the collective potential and power of corporates as strategic investors and innovation partners.

With its global reach and robust curriculum, the GCV Institute provides professional development for CV team functions as well as foundational CV common language and context for effective parent and external stakeholder engagement. Designed ‘by CVCs, for CVCs’, the Institute brings together the premier global CV community and GCV’s finger on the pulse of the industry with Bell Mason Group’s (BMG) deep CV industry research and best practice trends analysis. Leaders from high-performing CV groups share their expertise and insights in videos, panels, case studies and as course mentors.

The GCV Institute curriculum offers:

  • Dual Tracks for Investment (CVC) and Corporate Venture Business Development (CVBD) / Portfolio Development Teams.
  • CV industry common language and context for Parent stakeholders who support and partner with CV teams.
  • Continuing education on legal, HR, marketing, and program management.
  • Powerful communities of practice: of alumni, mentors, CV experts.
  • Engaging mix of learning modalities delivered via state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) – Live Online, self-paced and face-to-face (pandemic permitting!) formats.

Our ‘By CVCs, For CVCs Approach’: Featured Experts

Kim Armor, COO at Comcast Ventures

Karim Botros, Managing Director at Echo Health Advisors

Barbara Burger, Vice President of Innovation, President at Chevron Technology Ventures

Debra Brackeen, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at CSAA Insurance Group/Avanta Ventures

Rob Coppedge, CEO at Echo Health Ventures

Tarik Galijasevic, Managing Director at Allstate Strategic Ventures

Stefan Hasselbeck, Vice President, Portfolio Development at Munich Re Ventures

George Hoyem , Managing Partner at In-Q-Tel

Tamiko Hutchinson, Vice President, Portfolio Development at Intel Capital

Ranjit Kurup, Director Global Business Development & BU Relations at Intel Capital

Scott Lenet, President at Touchdown Ventures

Jaqueline LeSage Krause, Managing Director at Munich Re Ventures

Bill McNulty, Operating Partner at Capital One Ventures

Yogis Nijhon, Vice President, Portfolio Development at Munich Re Ventures

Ian Sanders, Vice President, Strategic Portfolio Development at Munich Re Ventures

Reese Schroeder, Investor at Allstate Strategic Ventures

Lee Sessions, Executive-in-Residence at Global Corporate Venturing, Fellow at Bell Mason Group, and Former Intel Capital Portfolio Development MD

Jaidev Shergill, Managing Partner at Capital One Ventures

Dave Stevenson, COO at Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Bill Taranto, President & General Partner at Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Madura Wijewardena, Head of Business Development at Comcast Ventures

GCV Institute Curriculum

The Institute offers courses and learning journeys that target the Essentials (CV common language and context) and Deep Dives for CV professional development and certification, as well as other opportunities for CV continuing education and community connections. Program length may range from 2 hours for a course to 3 months for a deep dive learning journey with an on-the-job practicum. Courses are offered in a variety of modalities to meet professionals’ learning needs and ensure on-the-job application. Customized programs are also available.


Institute Advisory Board

Impact-Driven Approach to Professional CV Platform and Team Development

  • Global reach and partnerships for broad, robust curriculum, localized delivery (F2F aligned with GCV events, live online, self-serve/self-paced)
  • Builds on the GCV Academy 5-year history of CVC professional development and community building
  • Commitment to ongoing industry and academic research to build curriculum
  • Alumni and mentor networks
  • Assessment-based certification path
  • Key node in GCV’s leading CV and Global Innovation Venturing network of communities
  • GCV academic network for topical research rigor and input to certification standards

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