Global Energy Group roundtable discussion on carbon capture utilisation and storage plus hydrogen.

While wind and solar will continued to advance and get cheaper, and coal will be significantly reduced, oil and gas will remain important parts of an energy system, including biogas and biofuel.

“Allied to lengthy conversion to say hydrogen for heavy industry/cement/chemicals/transport (aviation + heavy duty), then carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) and natural based solutions becomes vital to lower emissions. How to capture or remove carbon and sequester or reuse it in other forms is the challenge of our generation. GCV’s Global Energy Council members and their portfolio companies will debate the issues at hand in a roundtable on 22 April.


9 am PT/5 pm UK:
Q&A with portfolio companies featuring Chevron, Shell and TDK.

10 am PT/6 pm UK:
Roundtable discussion, Chaired by Paul Morris, President of the Global Energy Group

The roundtable with the world’s leading investors will include time for startup presentations by entrepreneurs and CVC portfolio companies.