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SoftBank bounces back
SoftBank is projected to report operating income of more than $1bn for the quarter ended in June.
Digital health’s limited explosion
Wow, what a difference a year makes. Teladoc late last week agreed to acquire health monitoring platform Livongo, which provides services for managing chronic conditions like diabetes, for $18.5bn.
The Virtual State Of Corporate Venture Today
Comment from Bill Taranto, founder and president, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
Brooks resignation surprise
Wendell Brooks, senior vice-president at Intel and president Intel Capital, has resigned after six years.
The Future of Corporate Venture Capital
Comment from Gen Tsuchikawa, chief investment manager, Sony Innovation Fund
China readies itself
The week has started with some tantalizing morsels from our news editor, Rob Lavine, rested after his recent holiday and very welcome for his return (especially by Thierry Heles who covered for him so well last week).
Corporate-startup impact defined
It's one thing for a large corporation to partner another in order to build a total solution for a product, but doing the same with a startup seems somewhat harder.
Italy turns towards innovation
Italy was one of the first European countries to be hit hard by the covid-19 disease as the coronavirus swept the world and it seems to have helped spark a growth mindset among its leaders to catalyse its innovation capabilities through venture.

News Continued

Wu snaps up her former GE assets
Daily leader from editor-in-chief James Mawson.
Editorial: TDK finds silver lining
There are occasional silver linings even for the blackest clouds. One was as the Covid-19 disease broke out this year competition for deals became a little lighter.
King of the hills
There are occasional silver linings even for the blackest clouds. One was as the covid-19 disease broke out this year competition for deals became a little lighter.
Looking beyond today’s final frontiers
One of the more narrow-minded approaches to looking at innovation and growth is the argument we live on a planet with finite resources so we have to cut back and retreat to a prelapsarian age.
Managing change over continuity
Chris O'Donnell’s rapid promotion at Pfizer Ventures, the US-based pharmaceutical firm’s corporate venturing arm, two years after joining as a principal reflects the rapid opportunities for development at the best-run units.
No time to hide heads
It is an unpleasant term and practice but the so-called brain rape of another company’s technology or ideas is part of the challenge of doing business.

Editor's Picks

Opening to a world of capital
Three months ago as the impact of the coronavirus’ spread around the world was becoming clearer with an economic lockdown there were few potential points of light.
Technology will provide what we want
Does technology change society, or does society disrupt technology?
Working together to improve the ecosystem
There is an old rule of thumb that service providers in a market improve its efficiency by about five-fold.
Targeting the next generation
The greater strategic battle could come in areas where less attention is being paid.
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