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A contrarian take on hydrogen venturing
Kaloyan Andonov of GCV spoke with Tomas Kėbla, principal at Contrarian Ventures, which is backed by energy group Ignitis, the largest in the Baltics region. Not only is Contrarian Ventures interested in the hydrogen space but its team has drawn a detailed map of the landscape.
Introducing the Global Energy Council
Barbara Burger is head of Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) and past chair of the Global Corporate Venturing Global Energy Council formed out of the oil and gas quarterly report, sponsored by Chevron, to include and incorporate others within the energy mix, such as utilities and the main customers.
Energy is no zero-sum game
Global Energy Council Q3 2020 editorial by James Mawson, editor-in-chief, Global Corporate Venturing
Fleshing out fintech appeal
Covid-19 has added to the need for digitalisation in payments, wealth management, digital trading and regulatory technology as people have struggled to shop in stores or pay for things in cash. But can any company become a fintech?
Reflections on tech transfer in a crisis
Comment from Adam Stoten, chief operating officer, Oxford University Innovation
Takeaways from Japan’s Fefta act
Comment from Sakon Kuramoto, Benjamin Miller and Hiroki Sugita, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Common causes of clashes between founders and investors
Comment from Kirk Coburn, founder and managing director, SURGEVentures
A chance to impact the world
Sir Ronald Cohen’s insights from his second book, Impact: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change, lay out a methodology for adding impact to the usual risk and return decision-making for investing.

News Continued

Walking into the future
Dull, dirty and/or dangerous jobs are less than appealing for many people.
Paystack’s exit provides fintech halo
US-based payments and lending services provider Stripe is acquiring its Nigeria-based portfolio company Paystack for reportedly more than $200m, according to the Financial Times.
Covid-19’s impact is ‘disruption’
Global Corporate Venturing will publish next week its October magazine and analysis by Kaloyan Andonov indicates an interesting K pattern of some experienced corporate venture capital (CVC) groups using the crisis to accelerate their investments and a record number of new entrants making their first deals while a middle tranche is doing less.
Adding greater range to the industry
The number of rounds and dollars raised by female-founded, US-based companies fell to 2016 levels, according to data provider PitchBook.
Spac smacks of boom
If there is a more expensive way for a company to raise money than through a special purpose acquisition company (Spac) it is hard to imagine.
E.ON and Innogy point to merged future
E.ON, a Germany-based energy company, following its merger with peer Innogy has rebranded its corporate venturing unit Future Energy Ventures.

Editor's Picks

Passing strategic inflection point creates new challenges
Introduction to the GCV Powerlist 2020 by James Mawson, editor in chief, Global Corporate Venturing
Confronting the far-reaching Covid-19 challenges
GCV Powerlist 2020 Foreword by Young Sohn, GCV Leadership Society’s chairman and Samsung Electronics’ corporate president and chief strategy officer
Opening to a world of capital
Three months ago as the impact of the coronavirus’ spread around the world was becoming clearer with an economic lockdown there were few potential points of light.
Technology will provide what we want
Does technology change society, or does society disrupt technology?
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