Focus on social media and networks
Netherlands-listed technology investor Prosus, formed out of the corporate venturing assets collected by South Africa-listed media group Naspers, has sold 2% of China-based gaming and social media group Tencent for $14.7bn.
Global Energy Group roundtable 22 April
Activity is heating up before next week’s Earth day on 22 April with Battery Resourcers (BR), a US-based developer of lithium-ion battery recycling technology to directly recover cathodes, raising $21.35m in its series B round, according to a regulatory filing earlier this month.
Egypt's potential for innovation
Egypt has long had the potential for innovation and more money is flowing into the region as regional centres spring up to service the burgeoning class of entrepreneurs.
SoftBank encourages its portfolio companies to look to raise public…
What links Japan-listed conglomerate SoftBank’s $2.8bn investment for a 40% stake in Norway-based AutoStore with the potential reverse merger and flotation of southeast Asia superapp Grab?
Japan's venture ecosystem accelerates
Japan’s corporate venturing ecosystem never slowed down through the covid-19 crisis last year and has been increasingly aggressive in its international investment strategy, with insurer Sompo’s $540m investment in US-based data analytics firm Palantir a notable example as well as cross-border specialist firms, such as Pegasus and Nobuyuki Akimoto’s new fund of funds, AT Partners, gaining investor backing.
‘Meet the Experts’ networking event
Almost exactly a year ago most of the western world started locking down to grapple with the coronavirus and covid-19 disease it caused.
Sequoia China joins Dragonfly Fund II
Sequoia China joins the $225m venture fund as a strategic limited partner (LP).
First quarter sees 15 deals worth at least $500m
Back in 2013-2014 it was possible to almost see in real time the jump in professionalism and ambition of investors backing entrepreneurs through tracking the number of large rounds of at least $100m being done and hence the valuation increases of the overall businesses.

News Continued

Samsung sees departures
Young Sohn, who is now a senior adviser at Samsung, will create a new venture fund with Shankar Chandran and Francis Ho, former heads of Samsung’s Catalyst corporate venturing unit.
When something is working, why change?
James Mitchell, chief strategy officer at China-listed gaming group Tencent, in its annual earnings call yesterday reported by newswire Reuters said the company would stick with its normal practice of acquiring minority stakes in Chinese startups.
Connected fitness increases during pandemic
Through covid-19 and lockdowns around the world, people’s desire to stay fit and healthy has led to a surge of interest in connected fitness companies.
The golden age for innovation
We clearly live in a golden age for innovation as, despite backward-looking concerns, funding and ideas feed off each other to support the next wave of productivity and products and services.
Meeting the latest fashions
September saw the UK’s largest initial public offering (IPO) since 2015 when The Hut Group (THG) raised £1.88bn ($2.7bn) on its stock market debut, giving it a valuation of close to £5.4bn.
Tencent's phenomenal performance
China-listed gaming and internet conglomerate Tencent publishes its annual results in a week’s time, on 24th but it is already clear the performance will be phenomenal.

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