2015 Q2 Report

Despite tremors in the Chinese stock market seeing a collapse in value of the company’s listed businesses during last quarter, the investment hungry corporate venturing units in the region remain unbowed.

The top four largest deals in corporate venturing were all in Asia, while the two largest exits were in China. Global Corporate Venturing is told the aggressive investing by Chinese businesses is even crowding out smaller corporate venturing units looking to invest in the hottest Silicon Valley deals.

Also of note is a rare occurrence of the five biggest investments taking place outside the US.

For this quarter we have teamed up with data provider PitchBook, in a long-term media partnership, and we intend to tap their data to give us a wider perspective on venture capital activity as well as the corporate venturing activity we routinely monitor.

The graphs have been produced as part of our data visualisation makeover by Qbix Analytics. We are currently running a beta test of this data service with a select handful of industry participants, and aim to consolidate our data plans shortly. Let us know what you think about the analysis, and whether we can help you with anything more.

Global Corporate Venturing contacted the top 250 units to check the accuracy of this data.

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