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It’s not about the money
Lessons from the GUV Summit in Houston, Texas, this month
Pharma’s story of external innovation
Pharma CVCs have achieved an impressive exit record on the back of successes balancing tools in the innovation toolkit over the past 20 years
How China modernised its economy at speed
Innovative region: China
Deals grow slightly in November
This is our data snapshot based on last month’s investment activity. 
The charts and tables have been generated by our data platform GCV Analytics.
Analysis: HomeToGo buys Tripping
HomeToGo has acquired the troubled Recruit-backed holiday home rental platform Tripping for an undisclosed amount of money. The company is part of the larger travel and accommodation space, which has seen growth of corporate-backed deals in recent years.  
Analysis: Lufax raises $1.33bn
China-based wealth management and lending platform has raised a large round backed by six corporate venturer and a sovereign investment fund.
Analysis: Autodesk lays out $875m PlanGrid acquisition
Collaboration platform for the construction industry PlanGrid was acquired by software developer Autodesk for $875m.
Analysis: Large deals in East Asian e-commerce
Two large and important deals above the $1bn mark in the e-commerce and e-retail space in East Asia appeared in the news last week. Both deals involved telecoms group SoftBank as a corporate backer.
Analysis: IPOs of corporate-backed businesses rising
The number of flotations of companies that have previously received corporate backing has been growing over the past couple years. More interestingly, it has been companies from the life sciences sector that beat other sectors in going public.

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