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Venture leaders share at the GCV Digital Forum
Tom Whitehouse, CEO at Leif Capital, moderated a discussion comparing cleantech investment with the first decade after the millennium.
New highs for hydrogen
Formed in the Big Bang, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the known universe and believed to comprise about 75% of matter. Hydrogen, therefore, is seen as one of the key elements in targeting net zero carbon emissions.
Sub-sector report: oil and gas
It is not an exaggeration to say that 2020 has been an eventful year for the oil and gas industry.
Cautious rise in Q3
Quarterly report: Q3 2020
Holding steady after the pandemic
Monthly report: September 2020
Japan navigates the CVC path
Innovative region: Japan
Sector report: Energy
Dealflow still growing in anticipation of low carbon future
GCV Digital Forum 2.0 shows global strength
The GCV Digital Forum 2.0 last month combined Global Corporate Venturing’s regional and sector events – GCV Asia Congress, Synergize and Energy.

News Continued

Analysis: Livekindly collects $135m
Griffith Foods committed capital to plant-based food and media group Livekindly Collective
Analysis: Readcoor gets acquired for $350m
Eli Lilly is to exit the genetic sequencing system provider Readcoor in a cash-and-share acquisition by 10x Genomics. This is one of the relatively few exits we have seen in this space over the past decade.
Analysis: Logicreation files for IPO
Edtech company Logicreation, which counts Tencent and Heyi Group as investors, has filed to go public in China.
Fintech sees September spike
Late September was a buoyant time for the fintech sector.
Figures trending upwards
Monthly report: July-August 2020
Corporates turn to strategic investments to drive sustainable innovation
Global Impact Venturing: comment from Moses Choi

Editor's Picks

Sector report: Telecoms
Telecoms are the connecting tissue of today’s digitised world
A revolution in the making: health and AI
Special report: pandemic has boosted venture dollars across health AI
AI hardware innovation: a tale of east and west
Nvidia, Intel and others are piling innovation resources into AI-specialised chip architectures amid heightened risk of competition from Chinese vendors
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