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Analysis: Corporate venturing continues to grow, at least in deal…
Ahead of our record-breaking GCV Innovation Summit in California this week, we are offering an excerpt from our latest World of Corporate Venturing 2020, analysing data from 2019 and the past decade, where we have combined data from GCV Analytics and data provider PitchBook.
Analysis: Visa swipes $5.3bn for Plaid
Visa is to acquire one of its portfolio companies, financial data network operator Plaid, in multi-billion-dollar transaction, which comes only four months after its latest commitment to the company along with its peer Mastercard.
High in volume but drop in dollars for 2019
Annual data review: 2019
Transport sector hits the brake pedal
Sector analysis: Transport
The big issues for 2020
In our annual survey of corporate venturing industry leaders, we asked what the most important trends were in 2019 and sought their insights into the big opportunities of 2020.
Analysis: CapitalG’s $100m call to Armis
Insight Partners agreed to acquire IoT security software provider Armis in a rollover transaction that featured a $100m commitment from Alphabet. The deal forms part of the IoT space to which corporates have not been indifferent over the past decade.
More deals with fewer dollars in 2019
The following is an excerpt from our upcoming World of Corporate Venturing report.
The most read stories of 2019
Global Corporate Venturing's top stories in 2019

News Continued

Analysis: Wefox widens series B to $235m
Wefox Group, a Germany-based digital insurance provider, extended its series B round, closing $235m
Tech in focus
This taster from the World of Corporate Venturing survey shows which technologies corporate venturers have their eye on
Insights on performance
Global Corporate Venturing has just closed its annual survey, which forms a definitive overview of the industry. The World of Corporate Venturing 2020 report will be published in January.
Slowdown in November
Monthly data report: November 2019
Houston's Solutions
Event review: GCV Energy
Levelling the playing field
Why do demographic ratios change and some stay the same?

Editor's Picks

The most read stories of 2019
Global Corporate Venturing's top stories in 2019
Initial Recommendations for Improving DEI within CVC Deal Flow Pipelines…
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report October 2019
We Co pulls its IPO - what now?
With news that We Co has withdrawn its IPO filing, we take a look at what the move could mean for corporate venturing going forward.
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