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Analysis: Corporate-backed businesses going public
The number of corporate-backed companies going public declined in 2019, despite seeing some much-awaited IPOs like those of Uber, Lyft and Slack. In this brief overview, we look at the broader picture for corporate-backed companies entering public markets.
Analysis: A look at first-time corporate investors
Over the past four quarters, nearly one out of every four corporate investors whose deals we track appear to be a newcomer, even during the lockdown months of Q2 this year.
Analysis: Hippo gets $150m
The online home insurer raised a series E round backed by a host of corporate venture investors.
Analysis: Corporates scoring exits in fintech IPOs
Two IPOs of fintech companies were reported by GCV last week and our data suggest 2020 has so far been particularly bountiful for corporate exits from such businesses.
Pandemic shock still lingers in June
Monthly analysis: June 2020
Lockdown does not stop CVC in Q2
Quarterly data report: Q2 2020
SETsquared: a global leader continues to charge ahead
The world’s number one university incubator has been making a big impact since 2002, having supported more than 4,000 entrepreneurs that have raised more than $2.2bn between them.
A DACH for capital
Innovative region report: DACH

News Continued

IT sector keeps digitising the globe
Sector analysis: IT
CVC dominates CNBC’s top 50 disruptors
More than 80% of CNBC's 50 top disruptors list is CVC backed.
Analysis: Perfect Day with a $300m series C round
Continental Grain-backed vegan food producer Perfect Day has raised an additional $160m, increasing its series C round to a total of $300m. Alternative proteins are part of the broader food and beverage space corporates have kept an eye on for a while.
Analysis: Coty gives off $200m to KKW Beauty
Celebrity Kim Kardashian West's beauty brand raised $200m at a $1bn valuation from beauty brand Coty. This has been one of the most notable deals in the wider hygiene and beauty space.
Snippets on corporate venturing from Q2
There was a record number of first-time corporate investors in the first half of the year despite corporate venturing activity being down across deals, exits and funds.
Analysis: Mastercard buys Finicity for $825m
Mastercard will buy financial data technology provider Finicity in a deal that could reach $985m, giving Experian an exit. This is yet another large exits in this space this year after the acquisitions of Plaid and Credit Karma earlier.

Editor's Picks

AI hardware innovation: a tale of east and west
Nvidia, Intel and others are piling innovation resources into AI-specialised chip architectures amid heightened risk of competition from Chinese vendors
Global Corporate Venturing Lifetime Achievement Award 2020: Sue Siegel
Sue Siegel, who featured on GCV's Powerlist five times from 2014 to 2019, has won the Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 for service to the venture and innovation ecosystem.
The most read stories of 2019
Global Corporate Venturing's top stories in 2019
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