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Testimonials for Global Corporate Venturing

“There are few better forums (GCV Synergize) for Corporate VCs and VC fund managers to engage in an open and stimulating dialogue.”
Paul Morris, CIO, DIT

“The opportunity to compare notes and learn from the experiences of outstanding corporate venture professionals was invaluable. I look forward to next year’s (GCV Synergize) event.”
Eric Steager, Managing Director, Strategic Innovation Portfolio, Independence Blue Cross

“I attend and present at 4-8 investor events every year, and the Global Corporate Venturing event in Sonoma (2017) was the best event I have been a part of.  The sold-out event attracted an energetic crowd of key decision makers, and the sessions were well organised and moderated in a fashion that kept the audience engaged and provided the speakers ample opportunity to present their value and answer the audience’s questions.  This event led to immediate new investor and customer interest, that has evolved into deep due diligence with 4 key new investors for my company.”
Tim Reeser, Lightning Hybrids (part of BP Ventures’ portfolio).

“As a source of information, and of analysis and understanding of the corporate venture capital world, GCV has no peers. GCV publications and events foster and stimulate a vibrant interactive community amongst GCV practitioners and the CV ecosystem. It has been an invaluable tool to me as a corporate venturer over the last four years.”
Paul Morris, UK Trade and Investment Venture Capital Unit and former head of Dow Ventures, Europe

“The Global Corporate Venture Symposium 2014 demonstrated the  rapid  growth of  Corporate Venture Capital  and the consequential paradigm shift within our industry.  Independent Venture Capital firms now need a defined strategy on the  level and nature of their engagement with Corporate Venture Capital,  this  conference has changed the strategic direction of our firm.”
 Niall Olden, managing partner of Kernel Capital

” I’ve been an avid reader of Global Corporate Venturing for some time.  It was an especially helpful and insightful resource when our company was out fundraising last year.  I especially enjoyed reading your coverage of the Intel Capital Summit.”
Ann Carney Nelson, COO, Inpria, a corporate venturing-backed company

“Global Corporate Venturing’s 2012 Techmatch (run by Roger London at American Security Challenge) was uber valuable to my company, AirPatrol, and a perfectly currated venue to ‘scout’ for opportunities. The Global Corporate Venturing Symposium itself is one of the secrets of the universe.”
Bradley Rotter, investor in companies that impact the security of the homeland and chairman of AirPatrol

“Global Corporate Venturing is very valuable both for the data and trends it points out on the industry. It is both proactive in its research and a good filter  on topical information so it is a one-stop for any information a corporate venturer might need about our industry”
Nagraj Kashyap, head of Qualcomm Ventures

“I just wanted to inform you that we’ve made a decision to invest in [XXX] fund IV and are very excited to start working with them. Thank you very much for your introduction in January this year. It started from there.”
Yousuke Yamamoto, at Japan-based JSR

“At last, a publication that gives insightful, in-depth coverage of global corporate venturing, a key strategy for success in global markets.”
Patrick J. McGovern, founder and chairman of International Data Group

“I’d like to both thank you and congratulate for organizing the terrific event that you and your team  put on in London last week. I was one of the entrepreneurs attending and found the event [the third annual Global Corporate Venturing Symposium] provided me with a unique and valuable insight into the thinking and expectations of corporate investors.  I could not have obtained that knowledge anywhere else.  I attended the entire event from beginning to end and benefitted greatly.”
Martin Hauschild, chief executive of CeramHyd

“Thanks for this excellent piece and also for showcasing my team and our efforts. It is an honor to ranked as # 1 on your list.”
Trond Unneland, managing executive of Chevron Technology Venture Investments

“I thought this report [The Future of Media] was excellent. Hit many nails squarely on the head.”
Tony Askew, head of Reed Elsevier Ventures

“Thank you for the opportunity to moderate a session with Chris [Coburn, head of Cleveland Clinic Innovations] at the Global Corporate Venturing symposium last month [May 2013]. The Healthcare Session was well attended and the discussions were very lively.  Two ‘hot topics’ were the effect of the global recession on healthcare innovation and US healthcare reform.  It was suprising to me that everyone in attendance commented on a topic at least once. As you are undoubtedly aware, usually one or two people dominate the conversion. This did not happen at this session.”
Geoffrey Vince, chairman of biomedical engineering at Cleveland Clinic

“I really like the content and it’s a must-have for the industry to subscribe to.”
Dominique Mégret, head of Swisscom Ventures

“I keep Global Corporate Venturing open on my desk every day, as I find the information thrown up by its search function provides connections that I would not have thought of.”
Paul Morris, corporate venturing adviser to global corporations and to UKTI

“The [Global Corporate Venturing] symposium is an event of international calibre with excellent speakers, top-class attendees and great opportunities of networking.”
Michael Boshammer, portfolio manager at Deutsche Telekom’s T-Venture

“It [Global Corporate Venturing Symposium 2012] was truly an exceptional event and I’m so glad that I was able to attend. The caliber of the attendees and speakers was significantly better than any other conference I’ve attended in recent years. In any case, thank you so much for making me feel so welcome.”
David Roth, founder of Cereality and forthcoming model for creating corporate venturing-backed ventures.

“Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) is required reading for anyone involved in corporate venturing, innovation partnering and corporate innovation strategy, as these powerful mechanisms take their rightful spot as integrated, mainstream elements in the corporate drive for global growth and sustainability.  With its singular, global perspective,  only GCV tracks the pulse beat and reports the latest news across all sectors of corporate venturing and innovation partnering, by means and in formats most digestible for professionals constantly in need and on the move. James Mawson, founder of GCV and visionary behind its purpose, has also created a new field of analysis and leads the way as the premier ‘innovation economist’, providing unique, timely perspective vital to understanding the trends that will shape our future.”
Heidi Mason, Managing Partner, The Bell-Mason Group

“An insightful publication serving an important and, until recently, under-served area of the market.”
Stephen Ziff, partner at Coller Capital

“This fills a much-needed gap in CVC news media.”
Graeme Martin, head of Takeda Research Investment.

“Global Corporate Venturing is simply THE expert in corporate venturing. It contains all that matters in the area; excellently reported and analysed.”
Jon Moulton, Chairman, Better Capital, super-angel, and co-founder Permira and Alchemy.

“The best venturing magazine.”
Ben Dupont, Yet2 Ventures

“For me, the subscription has served the perfect purpose for what I’m looking for. As we continue to build our knowledge and awareness of corporate venturing, it’s great to have a global resource delivered each week that summarizes activity in the space. In addition, I find that when I want examples of how different companies leverage their VC arm, global corporate venturing is the place to go to get the info.”
Whitney Pegden, Vistaprint

“On reflection, I must say how tremendously useful the 2013 Global Corporate Venturing Symposium was for us at Clean Capital.”
Peter Whiting, Clean Capital

“The London conference [2015 GCV Symposium] has led to many great leads.  We are in talks with several strategics that resulted from it.”
Jourdan Martin, World Partnerships

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