Advisory Board


GCVI Summit 2021
29th September 2021
GCV Symposium 2021
3rd November 2021
GCV Asia 2022
1st April 2022

GCV Leadership Society Board and Committees

Board nominations:

Chairman: Claudia Fan Munce, IBM emeritus

President: James Mawson, Global Corporate Venturing

Sue Siegel, GE

Wendell Brooks, Intel Capital

Jeffrey Li, Tencent

Nagraj Kashyap, Microsoft

Ritika Suri, Infosys

Tony Askew, REV

Bill Taranto, Merck

Dominique Megret, Swisscom

Ralf Schnell, Siemens

Peter Seiffert, Embraer

Jun Yasumoto, NTT Docomo

Observer: Heidi Mason, Bell Mason Group


Events (GCV Academy, webinars, conferences)

Chairman: Christina Riboldi

The committees are tasked with helping answer what it means to be a corporate venturing leader in the innovation capital ecosystem across different sectors, geographies and maturity of organisation. Each committee will reflect thought-leaders from the Global Corporate Venturing industry and the leading service providers.


The Society will be owned and managed by Global Corporate Venturing’s parent, the UK-based Mawsonia publishing group. The Society’s board and committee members will be unpaid and have advisory status.

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